Is this sexual assault ?


Reer Miyi
Let’s be honest here, if you’ve approached any Farrah and you’re good looking, they would be paralyzed to stand next beside you, let alone kiss forcefully.

One dhunkaad and the guy starts heating up like a microwave.:mjlaugh:
If you lived in Minnesota these girls would write a twitter post about you. Saying you raped the girl and tossed in her a dumpster. Even though all you did was awkwardly sexually assault her.
The girl his out with is a th*t. she is kissing him and in a private date without a ring on her finger. it’s a known fact *****s don’t add any value to a men life except a headache, i’m warning him. how does that make me hate women? y’all quick af to jump into conclusions
So let me guess, its acceptable for him to kiss her, but she's the only **** in the situation?

The fact that you didn't even blast him, or say hey what you did is haram brother speaks volumes about your character and hatred for women.

In other threads you were seen giving advice to degenerate men on how to avoid being robbed by gaal women they were sleeping with. Again, not once did you judge them, advice them against doing such an act, in fact you were telling them how to do it better next time!!!

You need to stop embarrassing yourself now. Go and sort out your relationship with your sisters, instead of being a vindictive hypocrite that uses the deen on women only. No wonder you don't get along with them.
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It don’t matter what i did. men and women are different.
I don't want to see you preach or use the deen as you clearly do not value your religion.

Proper making yourself look low-IQ.

How can something that is clearly forbidden not matter? When Allah says the fornicating man for the fornicating woman. It doesn't matter? What our religion says doesn't matter?

Continue advising shaytan behavior in the NS whatever section. That is what you seem to be good for. Oh and all this talk of women having no accountability is ironic. You don't even have any accountability when it comes your own nafs and religion.

You're nothing but a troll.
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