is this accent sexy? discuss

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±somali supremacist, anti-inceI&queen in the north
Just an example, imagine screaming bloody hell!
or during “it” saying “oh William Junior!
god forbid ajdsjkdsjsdlksdlsdlksd i do not have intentions with laying with a core cajun, imagine screaming that colonizers name then a slave ghost wearing the KKK hood is summoned

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±somali supremacist, anti-inceI&queen in the north
God knows what you lot watch on tv that makes you think we speak like that :kanyehmm::kanyehmm::deadmanny::deadmanny:
why do you guys so you lot so much it sounds so dumb jksndjksnldksfdlfkjf. it sounds there should be an 'a' between 'you' and 'lot'


Cadaanka iska ilaali
Y’all doesn’t sound right with my accent. I cringe everytime I hear a Brit say that or “period”.
“Im gonna snog that chap ova there”:diddyass:

”yass period luv pour him sum tee”:mjswag:

”I told y’all she’s going to date Willy”:hemad:

486th President

Norway Is The Motherland
babe, you are showing me four different countries. my original point was that england and scotland are two different countries. what exactly are you trying to argue huuno. your xaniinyo will not become steel and fall on the floor by admitting your mistakes and moving on. moreover, enough time has not elapsed enough, you can either delete or edit your mistakes. ❤