is there somali word that begins with "KH'

East Africa had bigger and older farms then the arabian pennisula,

a garden cant compare to a farm lol

You can't just claim a word, you have to bring a proof. As for arabic it is very easy to look if a word has an arabic root or not, because every arabic word comes from a three word letter. The three word letter of "Khudrat" is "kh-d-r" which means to make something green. And Khudrat came from green trees

Where is the somali meaning of khudrat, explain ?

Khamis * Shared by most afro asiatic languages

Khudrat = Somali not arabic

Khat = Somali for ink again not Arabic, just shared afro asiatic words

The thing is you guys think any shared somali word with other afro asiatic languages is foriegn.

all of above arabic.
and not khat, its qaad or jaad in somali.
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