IRRELEVANT CANADA depressed after learning KD is playing tonight. Thought they were gonna win a cham

Warya stop it....i doubt he will play and if he does he will be rusty as hell. He hasnt played over a monthband practice yesterday for the first time. This tie is over. Unfortunately the Canadian hockey fans will celebrate nba championship tonight
The teams said it’s still questionable so there is a chance he may not play and if he plays he’s still not going to be up to par he still is very much injured
You clearly don’t know basketball. KD coming back for elimination game is actually worse for GSW.

He hasn’t touched a court in a month, so he is rusty plus he usually ISOs for them, him ISOing on a locked in kawhi or siakam and then missing is going to throw off GSW offense even more

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Where can i watch this without paying in England.

cant be arsed to pay for this shit
When the game starts google “reddit nba finals”. Then go to the link. You’ll see a lot of them showing the game but their links are broken but one of them will be working.
6 points lead at half time. But the momuntum has shifted to the Canadians. Im scared now.....need big 3rd from steph


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