I have an Aunt married to a Russian revert another Aunt married to a danish one. I have 3 distant uncles married to white or Arab women.


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All of my siblings and first and second cousins are married to Somalis. Only one of my third cousins married out. My only other relative that married out is an uncle who's like 12 times removed that married out. :fittytousand:

He divorced his wife over cultural clashes and is now married a somali woman .....
How old are you?
Somali diaspora will most likely lose their feature in 2 generation or 3 at max in west bc of the whole interracial movement happening in the west.

We better fix our country before it to late so that they don't bring the problem in our motherland and claim they are more somali than fully somali person.
Lol for that they have to speak the language which most of them dont, and then they have to know their abtirsi and qabil if not they will Brandes iska dhal.
I had an cadaan ex, we we're together for almost three years, and I'd use to tell her I'd get a vasectomy if I married her :russ::mjlol:

Wallahi! Not even joking, she used to get SUPER mad, I said I wanted my kids to look like me :mjdontkno::mjhaps:


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My older brother is married to an Irish.
My other brother is seeing an Italian girl .
My extended family especially on my dad's side have been marrying out since the early 1970's I have half italian uncle's and aunties in there 50's.