In remembrance of Odkac


I know I knew this nigga for a short time, but Wllhi one of the realest nigga I know and that shit says something. Take it from someone that doesn’t like 95% of you niggas on here, that kid had something special and that was making sspot fun.:umad:

Now that he’s gone on break, I decided to be a true g and make a thread so you all put some respect on his name and divert the simp narrative to @Miro instead while he’s gone. He’s taking a month break for school and work, and rona seems to be taking all the real niggas so smoke a blunt for him tn as a way to wish him luck. :mjdontkno:

Post something funny you remember of this nigga, and let him lurk at this thread like I know his ass is doing. :fittytousand::kendrickcry:

Here’s a song in remembrance of that nigga, Odkac Wrld 999. Imma miss his emo ass:mjcry:

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King Of NSFW
Hes capping my guy this dude said hes taking a "break" like 30 times and each time he was back within 24hrs :mjlol:
which reminds me of that one guy who was always talking about malawax, yahya "macaan like shah bigays" liban lewis. He was a hoot



This is the dude who’s supposed to be on a break? :russ::deadmanny:


For sure bro. But at least review some of the material, the internet may not have all the answers. I'm warning you because I've been struggling with cheating lately.:kendrickcry:
I’ve been cheating on everything no cap, and it’s actually not working in my favor after almost a month of doing it :ohdamn:


Listen here, you neef.
I plan to leave indefinitely to better my academics.
Inshallah this quarter I have thick GPA to get good work.
@Shmurda @Figo @RaeSrEm and all the rest, it was wrong for me to not make a goodbye thread but I did it before too much.
I will see you guys in June inshallah.
Logging off.
I guess imma retire too now, every good poster is gone or leaving soon. :wow1:

Odkac WRLD

جندي صومال
I guess imma retire too now, every good poster is gone or leaving soon. :wow1:
I just need solid grades until week 5 then I will let it go to shit.
I didn’t expect this from you. Inshallah all you guys get what you wish for in this life and the next.
See you may or June.