odkac crying in background

  1. Cartman

    In remembrance of Odkac

    I know I knew this nigga for a short time, but Wllhi one of the realest nigga I know and that shit says something. Take it from someone that doesn’t like 95% of you niggas on here, that kid had something special and that was making sspot fun.:umad: Now that he’s gone on break, I decided to be...

    NSFW happy to see horny faaraxs exposed!

    From this day forth, there will be no simp will rest easy on sspot :fredo: when was the last time you f00ked something besides the Cheeto crusted keys of your playstation/xbox @Shmurda :kanyehmm: @SuleymanPitt @LRW20 As an ex prostitute/sex addict let me tell you that abstinence is...