I'm going to get into politics.


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Your subclan are becoming minority in puntland lol you wont be elected walah, maybe commissioner of tiny tuulo lol


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Good luck!
Your qabil comments will come back to haunt you though once SSpot figures you out. I can already imagine the headlines :dead:
That was a lie and my opponents are trying to smear my campaign.



I feel like 2020 will be my year inshallah.

Not only will I go back to Somalia to start businesses, I will also run my businesses while eating free money from the Somali Goverment, I will start off by running for the Bosaso Mayor, then work my way into being a minister most likely minister of foreign, then either Vice President in Puntland if they refuse to let me be Vice President, I'm going to run for prime minister of Muqidsho.

Inshallah I'm going to be the first Somali female Vice President/ President of a multi million company.

When you all see me on Somali tv, make sure to shout Reiko...

always wanted to know the meaning behind reiko, are you a paid in full fan?