I went to the doctor


Hakuna matata
If I am not mistaken one of the side effects of taking anti-depressant drugs is being suicidal. Go figure.

Stay away from them.
That's if you don't take it properly, what some people do is take one pill one day and stop think they will be cured straight away.
Kudos to all who suggested Marriage. There are a lot of People, who got baraka from Marriage

after having some problems in there life, (stress or buufis).

If marriage not possible, travel and increase your socializing (halal) with female friends and

And they said I might be depressed and should consider taking anti depressants and anxiety medication to treat my brain fog

I told them I don't want to be fat .

What should I do , ladies a jew I don't trust her. I am not a tool to be tested on.
i've been on 7 different anti-depressants within the past 6 months. none of them have worked on me amsdnfbghdnsjmk