I Was Wrong About Pakistanis and Other Timo Jelecs

May Allah give sabr to Shukri’s family. Shukri’s death ache my heart so much and I know she’s in better place.
The family may or may not receive justice in this life but the hereafter the murders will be accountable by Allah All Mighty.


No drama
Islam and fellow Muslims!!!! No one else stood up for the little girl? Only an idiot like you would turn this tragedy into a religious context. Why can’t you see your fellow Somali muslims aka Somali Bantu Muslims on the same lense? How if the little girl hailed from them? Is the membership of Islam for the light skinned and given from the colour shade of your picture, do you consider to be in the lower ranks?
You sound stupid walahi.. I've also seen your other post where you was looking down on people who work with masonry.. I bet you don't even give a f*ck about bantu plight.. You wrote all this diarea to talk shit about muslims.
What's going on in third world UK? I hear alotta bad news from that small Island:win:

In addition, AUN to Shukri Abdi, a 12 year old refugee from Somalia. It's sad how a refugee who flew from a war-torn country ends up being bullied and murdered to the country he/she was tryna seek a better life.

Here in the US, if such thing happens, the issue wouldn't have been forgotten nor taken lightly and the school authorities could've been in court and possibly jailed. What are the police doing about the case? I'm hearing they're ignoring it?!¿

Lastly, do they have a gofundme page set up for the deceased girl? :cosbyhmm:

some say the police want or are part of the killing so their numbers could be brought back, the May government cut thousands of them

and the elite are too busy on brexit, they forgot the rest f the country
There was a protest today, organised and held by the Pakistani and South Asian community today, in support and demanding justice for the little girl, Shukri Abdi. Shukri was found dead under suspicious circumstances, in a Manchester river.

As some of you may know, I have rather unfavourable views about UK timo jelecs, as ive felt that they've given Muslims in the UK, a bad image, with their vile cultural practices. Heck, I've suspended from work and lost job contracts due to my prejudice against them.

For them to do this, it seems like, they truly are our allies. Them doing this for Shukri (AUN) and her family, means a lot. They weren't told to do this, but they did. For that, I'm deeply ashamed of my bigoted views about them.
you are a good man for this. There's only a small minority of people from each race that are racist that ruin it for all the good ones.

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