I need help.

I'm having a hard time studying from home. I donno how but 24hrs flies by quickly and it is affecting my grades. Those of you who work or study from home, how do you manage your time?

Do you guys have a daily routine you follow?


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You will actually need to buy a desk and a chair to put in the basement


How do you normally study at home? Get a desk if you don't have one, put ur computer there and just hit the books, it's not complicated.

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Make a schedule and go to an isolated room where you can read, write and study. Build in your schedule some smaller breaks for launch, coffee time or getting some air outside to clear your head.. After you finish studying go for a long walk.. Follow this routine very strictly and you should be fine.
I study in my car. My house is too loud to do anything forget studying and the local library is a mess. I grab my laptop from my room and lock myself in my car :fittytousand:


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Make a schedule and attach it on your wall. Promise yourself that you'd strictly follow that schedule.


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