I maybe 1/8 yemeni

I like to play it safe and ignore arabs, because you never know what moral ground they might have. They're governments are not transparent and they may be fighting tooth and nail from stopping the Arabian Peninsula becoming Shia or Shia-dominated. Allah knows best. I'd avoid settling down in their countries however.

Edit: The countries with the Kafalah system
Half Yemen/Somalis be like: I'm Somali
Full Somalis: my great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother was Yemeni
I always thought my friend was reer xamar cuz of how he looks. After 20 years we find out his mom's side is yemeni. He never talks about yemenis nor associate with them although he is half yemeni.
Arabs are not to be looked up at all, take away Islam and they literally have nothing

They're not good looking by any modern sense, big noses, short bodies, pot bellies

They have to buy black players from Africa to play on their football teams because they can't play

They have to buy labor from Asia because their bodies can't handle hard strenuous labor in the sun

They have to buy Filipino maids because Arab women are lazy and overweight. They shove Filipino women in freezers to die or bury them in the Arabian sand.

I saw a video of Saudi man trying to attack a Pakistani guy. The Paki threw 1 punch and the Saudi smashed against his car and the Paki was no Mike Tyson either. So Arabs aren't physically good with fighting either in general sense, however the Pakistani got deported for it.

Their science departments are filled with Japanese and Germans. Those two are the smart races who generally build things from Playstation to Volkswagen

Arabs export nothing but oil and import everything

I don't see Arab male models or media personalities either

Some Arabs larp to be Latino and try to say they're related to Latinos

However Latinos are smart, good at football, have great food and hot women. The Arabs aren't remotely on Latino levels

Also Europeans Asians and blacks love latinas.
I’m actually 1/8th non-Somali, not gonna say what it is though, I’m not trying to get clocked in case I got relatives on here.

I don’t tell people unless they ask though, I’m not a weirdo, 1/8 is absolutely nothing.

people who openly brag about that little mixture probably feel self-hate towards their majority.