I am Single!!!

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Can one of you American faraaxs take one for the team and give this dhocil the D? I can literally feel the sexual frustration emanating from the screen. Her pum pum must be itching something fierce.
Get a life loser. This says a lot more about you than me.


My dear @GodKnowsBest I'm glad that you're indeed happy with the single life. But I must inform you that cuffing season is upon us, you need a clueless Faraax, a Faraax that will wrap you in his arms like a soft, buttery sabayaat, speaking of sabaayat I think @XXX is a fine lad, he's respectful, never saw him disrespect the xalimos. Always praising us xalimos. Holla at him, I will pay for you guys first date. Nothing expensive though, 40 dollars max, no dessert.

@XXX walaal plz do not reject this offer...Sxb i will even chip-in 20 pounds if you leave my queen @shan-futo-le alone :mjkkk:


Hopefully he's not 90lbs like the typical uk Faraax,

@XXX is in a love traingle with five futo and another member, don't complicate his life even further. I suggest, @El padrone
Just woke up and I'm confused as f*ck nacalaa
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