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Hungarian-Somali Model

There is a difference between dark skin and blick. Recently, some fugly refuge looking Xalimo became a model just by victimizing herself. I forgot her name but @Knowles could explain it to you.

If you think that looks good then you need to go see an optometrist. Too many cucks think ugly people should represent us for looks, smfh.
I agree on that one.. she was embarassing af.. Her name was Hamdia Ahmed, I don't like saying her name even:ohlord:. She has a lot of victim mentality
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At this point it isn't even about skin colour. I've seen black girls who look better than her. She doesn't look good for a model, let's be honest here. The other women around her also look ugly. Nowadays anyone can become models.

Why am I arguing with fools who think this is pretty??? :gucciwhat:

So, you edited it.. Well, concentrate on her face and not her fingers:fantasia2:. She looks like she suffered a lot, give her a chance and let her get the check, man! Don't be a xaasid, waryaa:hahaidiot:
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Stop being a hypocrite Factz. This model has a stunning facial features and her smile is infectious. You're dissing her cause of her skin color nothing else.
I've never seen your Cadaan bootyclapping ass defend darkness.
Is the model MJ? That's why you defending her? :mybusiness:
It's White man agenda to uplift the white beauty standard why would he let a Somali woman outshine his own woman. After all there plan is to dehumanize us Africans and make us look hideous it's an agenda since these white pig skin cant stand not being the center of attention.

Sxb, me too. No one can stifle your opinion, I will fight for you to express it 7ataa loo hiya qara.
Haye but its true my opinion, All I am saying is stop complaining and create your own model industries for Somali Woman that lets our woman shine with out begging the white man.


لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله
I've never seen your Cadaan bootyclapping ass defend darkness.
Is the model MJ? That's why you defending her? :mybusiness:
I don't know her tribe. Females and their clan affiliations are miniscule to me. I don't rate them based on their tribal affiliations.
She's pretty and has the perfect body type to be a model . You don't like her because she is dark skin . You think "dhuxul" and ugly are synonymous with your colorist ass :camby:


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I left a message for Kafia (her), I hope her English is good and she can join her diaspora Somali family on Somalispot.


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:samwelcome: I think there is an anti-pigment agenda. Perhaps an attempt to dilute colour. Why? Because it ages nicely and stands out, making it enviable to those with a shorter supply, or with a xasiid streak because of their lack of self-assurance.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever envision that you were the Alex Jones of anti-Somali modelling.

Huuno, ii wad sheekada.


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Does her facial features look bad and fugly to you?:ayaanswag:

I can say among the three of them, she's the one with almost perfect good facial features

I don't know if you don't like her skin, maybe it's not your preference... but feature wise, she's beautiful with good smooth somali skin:rejoice:
There is no Somali skin say black

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