How would your family react if you dated/married a non-Somali?

@Apollo the belief in males marrying out, while forbidding others from their own women, is one of the most Alpha things ethnic groups can do. Honestly, only cucks and betas, allow foreigners to come in and take their daughters and sisters.
I could not like this more. Part of this "Alpha things" is that the female learns about our language, religion and culture. However only someone with the personality, character and religious foundations should do it, hence 99% of Somali "males" are not qualified for marrying out. In fact many of this cucks take over the culture of their spouse and agree to mix the both cultures and tell their kids they are 50/50. But i see you have made a good choice and didn't forget your Somali heritage.
My first cousin is married to a white girl he met at work. He married her without the approval of his dad, my uncle. The two families haven't met yet and when I advised my uncle to meet his daughter in law, he was dismissive and said it was my responsibility to ensure things go right with his son if I cared enough.

The stupid kid has 6000 followers from Somalia and Kenya on facebook showing off his wife and collecting congratulations from FOBS across east Africa.