How would your family react if you dated/married a non-Somali?

honestly, I don’t think my family would care that much, half my family married out. Some married other blacks, some married Madows and my family is already super westernized
nothing new to my family,can count more than 5. actually i have nieces and nephews and their grandma is jewish.


LOVE is none smelly Dhuuso.
Let Them Eat Cake
My family are OKEY with White inter marriages, but NO to African Americans or Any African except for Somali for that matter.


Disowned from being Somali, and would bring a great deal of shame to my people, seppuku would be expected for such a treasonous act
My Family would try to plan an vacay back home only to chain me up in a shiifo place.
Plus i want my kids to look like a classic Geeljire