How many kids do you want?


Just another day for the Ciyaalsuuq Philosopher
Me personally I want about 10 kids if not 10 at least 6/7. You see I want a whole football team. Growing up in a house with a lot of us, I can’t imagine having 1 or 2 you know. I’d want my house to be full of kids screaming shouting the whole shabang I mean imagine the house being so quiet and empty, by the time those 2 kids become older and start a family of their own they’ll leave you in that house all alone and vulnerable, whereas when you have a lot of kids you’ll just keep popping and popping them. Girls am I going mad or do you agree
You're not mad, just make sure your man brings in that dough or you could plan for an online hustle or work so that you can feed them yutes if shit goes south in the marriage.
If you stay fit that wap will extend the years of your monsoon seasons