How far can you trace your matrilineal lineage?

I was thinking about @Hani Malab's thread, how far can we trace our matrilineal lineages.

I only know up to my mother's maternal grandmother (3 generations back) whereas I know up to 18 generations of my abtirsi.


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At the moment I can 10 names after my own (learn it when i was young). Havent use my abtirism in years but im gonna try let my mom teaches some more .Taught me type my qabiil (subclan not tribe) this year soooo... Yeah:samwelcome:

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My mother was always proud of her roots. If you are talking about her matrilineal roots, I know up to her great-great grandmother. Of course I know my mother's father's roots all the way to Jeberti
I dont know any names but if I go by hooytirsi,the furtherest I can go is my great grandmother and she is xawaadle from the subclan cabdi yusuf samatalis.Although I'm a landheer majeerteen,i wouldn't mind being a xawaadle :kanyeshrug:
Same lol, i only know up to my Mother's grandmother(Maternal side).

Somali Culture only focuses on tracing the Kangz in our lineages. No such thing as "We wuz Queenz".