1. Reformed J

    How far can you trace your matrilineal lineage?

    I was thinking about @Hani Malab's thread, how far can we trace our matrilineal lineages. I only know up to my mother's maternal grandmother (3 generations back) whereas I know up to 18 generations of my abtirsi.
  2. S

    Sad story.

    This poor hooyo. Walahi It broke my heart. People are mean af. Also this is the link to help the Mental Health Center : Link.
  3. A

    Somali hooyos got scammed again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    https://www.theverge.com/2019/3/8/18256662/us-onecoin-leader-arrested-cryptocurrency-pyramid-scheme OneCoin which was the most popular cryptocurrency bought by Somalis and Somalis mums in particular in the UK has been proven to be a scam and one of the cofounders has been arrested. Imagine...
  4. A

    Somali Stepmom abuses stepchild

    This women knew the man had children before marrying him, why is she now hating on the child. Anyone man who condones this from his partner is a cuck and deserves stoning. This video has got my blood pressure high, I would make an exception to my no beating women rule and send her to her...
  5. Jiron

    Wow, loving Hooyo and her Son graduate together

    This will definitely bring a smile to ur face :)
  6. HuunoHunter

    Somali Mother ranting about the D.

    Coriander helps cool down the geed! :ayaanswag::ileycry::siilaanyolaugh: