1. Reformed J

    Underrated travesty of 2020: Tokyo Olympics

    COVID really postponed the Olympics :mjcry: It really is a shame these Queens pristine athletes will be losing a year of their athletic prime :mjhaps: Your boy was really looking forward to beach volleyball and pole vault :diddyass:
  2. Reformed J

    How far can you trace your matrilineal lineage?

    I was thinking about @Hani Malab's thread, how far can we trace our matrilineal lineages. I only know up to my mother's maternal grandmother (3 generations back) whereas I know up to 18 generations of my abtirsi.
  3. CaliTedesse

    Lightskin/mixed females

    In the past i used to be attracted mad to such women years ago, but later on i acquired a taste for Eastern European females and Arab women, but lately I'm starting to get attracted to my lightskin mixed ebony queens again. They have something it's hard to explain hmmmmm they're so fine and...