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Nafiso Qalanjo

💢 (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ
How did I not know about this guy's existence. I thought his accent was a troll.

Does he live in Somalia?
Nah he is a legit local, but I believe there is a someone behind the scenes who is there for dhaqan celsi is writing scripts for him and are exploiting him for views.:dead: I refuse to believe that guy knows a word in english :lolbron:


I'd say average. My biggest weak point is the fact that I struggle with any accent or dialect that deviates from my own. I haven't been exposed to a lot. Plenty of common synonyms for basic words I have never heard of until recently like cusbo. I didn't even know 'canjeero' with an 'r' was a thing until into my 20's.

Very good. My comprehension is better than my speaking, which is better than my writing.
Born abroad? A dhaqan celis shift? Or did you just learn at home?


What's most difficult with Somali, imo, are the plurals. So many different plural forms. No consistency.
And spelling, but that's less serious... for now. Everyone spells things the way they pronounce it which is inherently problematic. I don't know if there is a standardized Somali in school? Surely there must've been during the macaan era or no?


Anuga Sowmaali kuhadlo kara fiican , im say wlahi been ma shegana
qof badan shege si perfect ah kuhadlo , my
friendkega bidar weyn o weyn u leyeh ,
wan la sheegesta marwalba uhmm waxay u shegeen hairkiisa lost gareye a year ago , anuga shege iska patient gare salad badan tuko , doctor ka operate ku sameena and then waad biskoonesa , time yaniis o yaniis hairka soo labana

Lakin advice kega ma listen garenin, wu igo qoslayey wa niin weyn xaar yariis ka soo fakatay kulaha war bax naga tag hooyo mataalo

Aniga angry igu sameya kadib waan harati sida muay thai kick but guys I'm the best


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