How’s Your AF Somali

How’s your AF Somali

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idiocy gives me energy
I’ve been loosing my somali slowly by slowly. It’s not easy when the people who used to teach you somali died lol. Maybe I’ll just throw myself in Somalia and hope for the best :diddyass:

Nafiso Qalanjo

Meme Queen
I can read and write in Somali just fine. I can also speak it fluently but when I listen to somali music I can only understand 40% of the things being said:mjkkk::wow1:


LOVE wins over HATE
Let Them Eat Cake
on a scale 1-10 how good would you rate your somali?

I would say 5-- at least average. I mix my pronouns here and there, but i speak fairly fluent. Reading, i can only read with great difficulty using my brain rather than my eyes


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