af somali

  1. Velœcity

    African American speaks Somali

    I seriously can’t believe I only stumbled on this video now smh, an AA man from Ohio conversing with the Somali locals a must see for all Somalis. Wallahi I couldn’t stop laughing :russ::pachah1::mjlol:
  2. Soconmayso Jirjirooni

    Indhoyar be learning Somali!!

    Indhoyar learning Af-Soomaali in Hargeysa.. what they up to? Probably Chinese state sponsored gaagaab but Eebbe knows why??
  3. Manafesto

    Egyptian women Receives a doctorate or PhD in Somali language & Grammer studies yet her Somali is trash!!

    1:45 Wow, I would have asked for a refund, her Somali is trash and has not one but many grammatical erorrs in her short speach, I have seen plenty of many so called Somali language experts in the the west or the east and so far no one comes close to being as good and sound native like that...
  4. alien


    I wonder what is the purest somali dialect, meaning the least loan words. I would guess the purest would be the reer mudug dialect
  5. 486th President

    Thinking about Dubbing 𝗔𝗻𝗶𝗺𝗲 In Af Somali 😭

    I’m thinking about dubbing anime in Af Somali any Advice or Reccomandations?
  6. 486th President

    How’s Your AF Somali

    I would like to know how’s your AF Somali...mine is average I just have trouble reading in Somali but I’m getting better