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Honeymoon- Where to go

What do you mean? No one is having intercourse in the Kaaba.

Hajj/umrah there won't be any sexual relations during the rituals.
Only after the pilgrimage can spouses have intercourse.
So if no sex, Why go there for your honeymoon?


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If you serious about a honeymoon than you got to make it special do some research about different places with nice view you can have a romantic time with your wife

And in my opinion you should go all out we talking good food 5 star hotel the whole package just to have the best time and experience and hotels are 5 star for a reason

Cappadocia Turkey
images (39).jpeg

Santorini greece

download (9).jpeg

and theres tons of other places that look amazing
Venice Italy
sanos greece
South africa
There are pretty places in Somalia but some are in the middle of nowhere though.

I won't advise you to go anywhere you don't want to catch that coronavirus in the airport.