Hirshabelle Upper House Elections - Senator Muse Suudi retains seat


Hirshabelle Senators elected as of 20/09/21

1. Muse Suudi Yalahow
2. Nuur Mohamed Geedi (Canjeex)
3. Fartun Abdulkadir Karaama
4. Osman Mohamud (Dufle)
5. Ahmed Mohamed Ali (Afcadeey)
6. Hasan Idow Mohamud Kobac

2 more senators remaining
The last final 2 Senators remaining are going to be selected today, Seat UH 14 and UH 08.

My prediction Xanafi and Zamzam
Nabad and Nolol Candidate Abdalla Abdi Hussein removed, Ali Shacbaan wins the second round and heads to the third round.

Xanafi vs Shacbaan (Both opposition)

They are pissed opposition candidate Shacbaan didnt make it past the first round? It wont make a difference the results are already out, he is out of the race.


:mjlol: NN completely destroyed in Hirshabelle Wallahi Abgaal and Xawaadle well done the isku dir Farmaajo hoped for did not work