Hirshabelle Upper House Elections - Senator Muse Suudi retains seat

The tide is turning on guudlaawe as a whole within abgaal whether you want to believe or not. I told you before he will finish his term. Farmaajo will be gone within 3 months, guudlaawe has 3 years left. No idea whos gonna get rid of him. Do you know?
If Guudlaawe gets rid of this parliament and minimize the size of it to its original 71 cap or less, reconstruct the power sharing by returning the capital to Hiiraan, I don’t think anyone will have a problem with him and then he can finish his term which is like 3 yrs left basically.
It's not really an allegation, the parliament is NISA and written from Villa Somalia they are the ones that selected Gudlawe. They (Farmaajo/NN) have been an obstacle to the development of Hirshabelle.

Fahad Yasin did all this because he expected to get a senator seat from Hiiraan in Hirshabelle and Guudlaawe shut it on his face.

On the other hand they violated the treaty of union of the state, which will be corrected after the national elections inshallah.
Like @Kheyre said , Basicly Gudlaawe shut the door on fahad yasiin last power grab with Qatari money .his plan on taking a senator seat from beesha shanaad came to an end .
What's guaranteed from this is senator xaaji yalaxow upd is coming back who is anti farmajo and pro madasha,jubbaland and puntland . .
UPD (hsm) and himilo qaran (shareefka ) are having a little tussle but nothing that will change the outcome of the cheese getting booted .
Ahmed daaci is being backed by sh shareef ironically in 2010 sh shareef put him in prison πŸ˜‚ , glad that daaci is not being backed by the cheese because he shares the same juufo as xaaji suudi and filish , they are the majority in banadir region and its environs and the majority soldiers of badbaado qaran ironically .

Thanks for that explanation guys! Sounds like Hirshabelle is on the right track if Fahad Yasin lost out on the Senate Seat. Onward and upwards insha'allah!

Xaaji Muse Suudi retains his seat to represent Hirshabelle for 2021-2025 :banderas:

Next is my boy Caanjex to pull thru :trumpsmirk:


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What a shame electing a man who slaughtered dugsi kids and flaunted about it. This is their messiah, I cant believe we share a nation with such thugs :susp:

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