Highest Ranking Sanaag Commanders sacked by Somaliland


No drama
These people should form their own mamuul and stop running it between PL and Sland.. Its confusing as hell to have them change shirt every second day :noneck:


No drama
QUOTE me on this..
Within few months they'll run back and shift to Somaliland again.. Everytime they don't get their way they'll change to eather Puntland or Somaliland
We haven't seen anything like it.

Somaliland totally miscalculated by telling and ordering assault on Badhan. This is when people woke up.

They underestimated Maakhiris and thought they were like reer Sool.

Maakhir is boqortooyo a kingdom. The only Sultanate/Kingdom in Somaliland.

Hail to Suldaan Siciid Suldaan Abdisalaan.
The oldest and most prestige Sultanate that reigned from 1218 until now.

That is over 800 years.

They don't accept outsiders and their land taken.

They have a rich heritage anyone badmouthing them or saying ignorant uttering show the lack of knowledge about clans, history and overall grasp.
The unwrapping of Somaliland and the speed it was done shows how united, aristocratical and intelligent the people there are.

Together and on the Suldaan's order Somaliland expansion has been blocked.

The vast land they reside is testimony and the way they protect it that they are people with great legacy.
Defected Commanders and Soldiers welcomed in Balibusle by Puntland Speaker of Parliament, Security Minister Gallan and Puntland Police Commander Muhiyadin Ahmed Aw Muse

Reports and rumours are coming through after the abysmal failure Ina Kaahin was switched with Mohamed Nuur Caraale Duur as Interior Minister.

@Bohol what is your take? Pinning GX against reer Maakhir or prevent further loss in Sanaag and evoke 'I' card against Maakhir?

I must admit is a good tactic and possibly best response they could come up with.
The possible naming of Duur is threefold

1. He is more effecive than old Kaahin and is more prominent in Sanaag (clan wise) than old rusty Kaahin who had the same mindset of use brute force to make or break from his former Guerilla rebel days. Him and Biixi are essentially rebels in mindset and approach. Duur is more refined.

2. Duur can incite his HY clan against Maakhir and say that Ceerigaabo is in danger and Puntland being resurgent inciting them into a clan war after which they can restart their project when peace is installed once more and start another charm offensive.

3. It appeases HY that were against Muuse Biixi by naming him to signal that not only Muuse and his group are in danger but the whole clan.


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