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There is so much to live for and ending your life hurts the people most closest to you. Imagine seeing your mother crying knowing that her daughter committed suicide. Use that for the time being until you get better as a motivation to continue living. Never feel or think that you're unwanted because there are plenty of people that love you including Allah. Don't ever be blind to the affection and love the closest ones to you have for you.

What I realised when I was in my period of depression is that I was missing out big time! Why should I let people live in my mind rent free?! Why should I live my life based on what people thought of me? Why should I act the way people think I should act? I realized that I was a total slave and was not living life for myself but for others. Humans are the worst to please because you can never please them. Focus all of your efforts and actions on Allah's way and instead of asking yourself what people would think ask yourself what Allah(SAW) would think.

Once you focus all your thoughts and actions on pleasing Allah then trust me life will become more beautiful and I can personally attest to that.

When I was depressed all I could think about was the negatives in my life not acknowledging all that Allah has done for me. Everytime I would decide to think positively, my mind would constantly become foggy but the cure for that is patience and consistency. Practice the exercise above like I did then I promise you the dull feeling you have right now(I know because I went through the same thing)is going to be replaced with the ultimate feeling of bliss and satisfaction.

I don't really like talking about that period of my life but I'm doing it for you because you're important to me(even though we've never met before)

Alhamdullilah is extremely powerful @Céleste
Thanks. I appreciate your post.