have you ever lied about your ethnicity?

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No one is mistaking a xalimo for a latina simmer down nayaa
Lmao don’t naaya me stranger

do u know how latinas look like in real life? Outside of porn? When i was in New York hella people mistakened me for Dominican. It’s not a compliment either, somalis are superior (the women at least)

google is free saaxib, if u have no access then here:
Thing with me is I get mistaken for Eritrean all the time. In London where I’m from there’s a large Ethio/Eritrean population some niggas be straight up speaking Amhara or Tigrinya to me and I’m like look nigga please I’m a noble Somaal :nahgirl:

So to answer your question if I ever do something wrong I’m gonna claim I’m Eritrean to save Somali image but that’s the only time I’d hypothetically claim somebody else ethnicity :mjlol:
Nope, I always insist I'm Somali even though people refuse to be believe me (since I'm an cadcad and people can't figure out my ethnicity unless I tell them)

On the contrary, I've always been the type of Somali to say at functions "now let me teach you our traditional dances, this one is from this and that part of the Somali peninsular".

salma saluuni

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Sorry I lied. I now remember a time where I lied about being Somali....... only once tho and I promise i didn’t claim Ethiopia :kanyehmm:it was a very very sticky situation I didn’t have a choice :kendrickcry:


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Somalis got self-hate issues, this is unsurprising. Just like how Maya Jama lied about how she wasn't half Somali kkk

Looks like people on here are more like Maya Jama than they thought


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No why would i lie about my ethnicity ? its childish, stupid and just plain cringe.

Infact its the opposite people think i am lying when i tell them i am somali.

They say you are not dark, super skinny or have a receding hairline.

People think somalis look universally the same but we don't.