have you ever lied about your ethnicity?

Nafiso Qalanjo

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I haven't but if I end up in a situation where I have to lie I will claim Ethiopian because I dont want to tarnish the Somali name.
no, other somalis can pick me out instantly.

however, when I lived somewhere without many somalis, nobody knew what my ethinicity was. I've gotten Indian or mixed before.


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posing a fun question for u zoom aliens maanto ❤, the trending is looking gaajo asf with topics from hella days ago

have you ever lied about your ethnicity to get out of a situation, to avoid somalinimo til i dhimo contact, or just for shts and giggles?

i am guilty of this. the most common is uber. im a honorary habeesha growing up, and was sudani for a bit. this is for uncles mainly. i dont do this anymore just in case the faarax abti asks me why i like my meat raw and make me vomit.

ive also lied to dudes before lol. when dusty faaraxs approach with the 'you somali' line, i usually lie. this is cause for some reason faaraxs are not like other men, if ur not interested they dont care, ur somalinimo automatically means in their eyes u have a duty to entertain them. i dont lie to cute faaraxs tho. the only time i lied to a cute faarax is when he had a thing against somali girls (from trauma i can only assume, we are dad waalan). but that was when i was younger, and he was a legit 10 in my eyes so didnt care about lying.

when i am on vacation its funnt what people think i am, especially in places where there are no somalis. i went mexico before, and hella people assumed i was latina (not white latin, dominican). now that i think about it, in some US places i get dominican too. i never entertain it cause i know 0 spanish.

answer ahead! (or dont, in that case, choke 😘)

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Never lied about my ethnicity. Been mistaken for habesh or sudani more than few times especially in a work environment or school.
Somalis wont greet me until I speak somali with them.

Eritrean elders are always extra nice to me in comparison to my other somali homies.