Halima Aden quits runway modelling over religious views


Hakuna matata
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Hallima is smart, she planned this earlier that she wouldn't stay in the modeling industry for too long. Her aim was to make money, buy a house and have enough money for university.

She was hustling.


Make Hobyo Great Again
After many years of turning up we can finally welcome her back to the community
You can tell that she is chaste by how she conducts herself despite being surrounded by every temptation imaginable. If @Afrique were in this position, she'd end up on Playboy in no time.
That beautiful Somali woman chose akhira before dunya mashaAllah 🙏🏾 Not only is she beautiful, she is also insightful and bright. She wasnt bought the bling and the praised🙏🏾

I would have tried to make that honourable woman my wife, if i had the money she has now in the bank😅

Hassan mahat

I karbash wahabist salafis daily.
Good for her I guess. That is her decision to make. Can we respect the others decisions of leaving Islam and not wearing the hijab as well please.


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