Halima Aden quits runway modelling over religious views


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These recent threads about Halimo Aden are deja vu for me. I know I read them months ago.
Kudos to her mom always reminding her daughter of the right path. It's amazing that she stood by her daughter's side that whole time, even if she disagreed with what her daughter was doing. Inaanteeda wey soo ceshatay. I know my own mother would have disowned me and kicked me to the curb the moment I mentioned modelling.

This is why it's always important for parents to always stay by their children even when they're lead astray. Always keep up with the reminders, waano and wanaag. They'll come back eventually.


Boqorad. Absolute naag nool wallahi.

Much respect I love how Somalis decide to leave mainstream media whenever they go famous it’s probably because their that close to selling their soul mashallah big “W” for Somalis and Muslims


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I met her hooyo at a clinic. she was so fraile miskeenta. but i am so proud of halima! may allah bless her for choosing the right path