Getting a tattoo.


You are my weakness
That didn't stop the lancisters..... I see you're going for the long con. :trumpsmirk:

Don't let hetronormativ standards bother you, you guys can't evne make babies so the rational is gone thereby. :hillarybiz:
Kaaley horta Lawyerad miyaad tahay? You always have the right smart and cocky words ready? Looool I like you.
Lol, this reminds me when fouseytube had a break down over the same thing. Even muslims who don't practice their faith anymore usually go through a mental breakdown when they commit really harram sins.


Shiites are allowed to have tattoos.
I remember seeing some guys and girls (who had hijab btw) from Lebanon and Iraq having tattoos on their arms, and I got shocked! :ooh:

But then I learned that there's a difference when it comes to sunnis and shiites. :manny:

I would never get a tattoo, I'll stick to my henna lol


Were set
Tell her, She won't go to hell. She is a Muslimah, that means she has Salvation from the Blazing Fire. Tell her Allah Forgives All sins but not Shirk.
An Arab female co-worker of mine got a tattoo this weekend and she was crying like she's about to die today. She went hysterical and instantly regretted it. Obviously being the only two Muslimahs in the company, she kept asking for me and calling my phone while crying about she is going to hell. I kind of laughed at her and she started crying more. Finally I had to call her cousin and the cousin took her to lunch. They ended up googling tattoo removal and it's going to take 5 sessions to completely remove the tattoo.

And the tattoo was an Arabic quote in her inner arm.

SSpot would you guys ever get a tattoo?
I rated funny because you cried :mjkkk::russ:

And the fact she got a tattoo and knew it was haram.

What a dumb girl


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