Getting a tattoo.

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An Arab female co-worker of mine got a tattoo this weekend and she was crying like she's about to die today. She went hysterical and instantly regretted it. Obviously being the only two Muslimahs in the company, she kept asking for me and calling my phone while crying about she is going to hell. I kind of laughed at her and she started crying more. Finally I had to call her cousin and the cousin took her to lunch. They ended up googling tattoo removal and it's going to take 5 sessions to completely remove the tattoo.

And the tattoo was an Arabic quote in her inner arm.

SSpot would you guys ever get a tattoo?


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Is funny how there is Laser tattoo removal ad above your thread.
I'm actually in the process of getting a tattoo before the year is over. Either on back of my neck or arm tattoo.
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