Getting a tattoo.


You are my weakness
We need to find us some proper fag-hags, @Reiko isn't supportive of our life style.

Also I need some fire but ain't got no matches. Want to seizor so we can light a fire in my heart and apartment?
Correction! @Reiko was mine first! I'm growing to like her more as a sister so aan ka waareejino.@:333 is one undercover freak. She should be your next target
I did say you are my SISTER! If you don't stop claiming to like men.. you leave me with no other choice than to switch back on you.
That didn't stop the lancisters..... I see you're going for the long con. :trumpsmirk:

Don't let hetronormativ standards bother you, you guys can't evne make babies so the rational is gone thereby. :hillarybiz:


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