Geography Now Somalia Broadcast Countdown!

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Dunida waa dhowr maalmood iska raaxayso
A quick update


It seems like an eternity for this episode to be featured , perhaps I'm already hyped up and pumped but I appreciate Barb's hardwork and dedication , if my predictions are right , this will be a long footage so buckle up during this bumpy ride.

Man why does Wednesday and Thursday seem like it's almost like a century ,nah it's actually the opposite waa shaydaanka whispering in our ears attempting to make our patience paper thin , I don't know about you guys but I've been a hardcore Geograpeep since the Afghanistan episode so if we had endured all these years then yes , we can with these two days!
Sxb , I'm not even Italian and I'm already saying "Mama Mia" just look at that wallpaper , what a beauty , epic AF isn't it ?

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Dunida waa dhowr maalmood iska raaxayso
He has been to Somaliland, so I expect him to not make cringy mistakes.
Yh , he's been to las geel and documented it

@inflorescence what is going on sxb , you seriously don't know aight

It's an educative platform , it's not only countries but also other interesting facts , I'll say you learn more from that channel than the entire curriculum that you learn in school lol

486th President

🍑 McDonald’s Time 😃
Damn he’s really hyping this shit up I can’t tell this shit finna get millions of views hope he doesn’t mess up our image Somalia needs to rebrand itself wallahi we used to be known as poets and land of the gods by the Chinese empires oh how we’ve fallen smh
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