WHAT'S TRENDING ON.. Gender-Based Violence Must End in Somalia


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It is good that somalis are bringing attention to this cause. We dont want to end up like INDIA when it comes normal to rape females specially minorities and then expect your clan to back you up. Congratulations on somalis on fighting this epidemic. Sometimes we have to appreciate the little efforts taking shape in fighting this sort of malicious act. Inchallah we hope in the future we get this type of treatment for the rapists (They should get the deserter treatment)



Imtixaan Cirka Laga Soo Turay
Inshallah facilities are put in place to ensure changes are made. They don't even have offices or private rooms where the victims can have privacy to report their rape. It's a public open 3 barrier wall that everyone can hear and judge. These male officers can easily be bribed and are very clannist so if the girl is from a certain clan they're not gonna take her case. Misagony iyo qabiilyaad needs to end.