Geeljire food vs Middle Eastern food? (What’s your pick)

Somali Traditional food isn't just milk, butter, meat, and yogurt. There are various grains that Somalis also eat like masago. Fried coffee beans and canjeero are also traditional. For what we borrowed, it's now undeniably ours since we've added our twist. All people borrow.

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Somali cuisine is better than Arab cuisine I’m sorry, and like I said everyone incorporates and gives there dishes a new spin off past ones, our pasta and sugga has its own spin, just like the Italians one was itself a spin off from east asia


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Somali cuisine is just a softcore version of South Asian cuisine.
Nah other than sambusa(ours is way better) no real commonalities, south Asian cuisine overall is far superior to middle Eastern though tbh, I’d eat tikka masala over hummus any day of the week

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