GALMUDUG Galmudug Pictures & Videos

Wall Street of Somalia :icon lol:

Hormuud Telecom branch Gaalkacyo
Gaalkacyo - Hobyo Highway

Wisil area (almost complete)

Cadaado- Hobyo Highway via Ceel Huur (under construction)

Hobyo- Mogadishu Highway via the coast 600km (under construction)

Galmudug iyo Gayi Nabadeed
:dance: :dance:
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Afbarwaaqo has a lot of Uranium..
Majority of Galmudug is blessed with Uranium,
The whole area from afbarwaaqo, wisil all the way to ceelbuur and dhuusamareeb is blessed with uranium and natural minerals.
The Gal-Mudug Regions of Central Somalia is endowed with another mineral deposit, uranium deposits. Following numerous mineral explorations, the area between between Dhusa-mareeb, El-bur, Wasil and Galkayo was found to contain extensive deposits of Uranium in the Taleh Formation that covers Galgaduud and South Mudug Regions. In the Miocene and the Pliocene (the Tertiary), the Taleh Formation had undergone extensive weathering in which secondary mineralization occurred. In this way Uranium minerals were formed in shallow deposits of calcretes and silcrete.



I don't know what happened to the deal though


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