Breaking News Former Somali PM Ali Khalif Galeyr deceased.

Sangub was an elderly man in his late 80s, who was sick for quite some time. Even asked for prayers from his hospital bed. Since when was his death a conspiracy ?
what about cawke? singub also spent 60 years making films and songs warning against ethiopia. the ethiopians know the knowledgeable somalis who believe in somalinimo are threat to them.
Very sad AUN.

Cali Khaliif Galaydh was the best orator in the Somali language from the current crop of politicians. Its a shame that he died before seeing his deal with the Somaliland government finalised.


Is it just me or was he the last relevant dhulo in Somali leadership history. What happened to the honourable dervish. Now they are the most divided and confused clan.

Either that or they just love squeezing isaaq and mj money.

Anyway AUN. We need more educated leaders.