health and fitness

  1. guycalledAmin

    How to gain weight?

    I have always been skinny my entire life and struggled with gaining weight. Last year when I was in university, I started to eat like a pig and gained about 15 kg. This year, I have lost all that and I keep losing more despite me still eating a lot. I don't think I can eat more without feeling...
  2. 7Rinx

    Losing weight

    Anyone here on a weight loss journey or on a great diet? I would love to hear your tips and tricks!
  3. Ahmed Ali

    For Woman who have diabetes and health fitness problem

    For anyone who may have a health problem especially diabetes or health fitness weight loss I advice you to take a 5 minutes and watch this video. This is a true story a sister of mine who's been struggling with a Diabetes type 2, was advice by the doctor to go diet and just do exercise with...