Fob is not playing no games when it comes to her man


🇸🇴💪🏿🤝🏾🇲🇳 cafri
is that rock or a flip flop either way stop fighting over some guy this is sad:nahgirl:jealousy is a drug

Hot Ballah

I do something called "what I want"
Imagine trying to kill another woman over a man who'd be moving in a 2nd wife to your house.... and bed the moment you get imprisoned. She'd be lucky if he even bothers visiting once a year.

God knows why they're are so obsessed with men who have no loyalty towards them.
why you question his loyalty? For all you know he’s a miskeen gazelle getting preyed on by a lion and needs his strong lioness to protect him and the pack.


You see the way she was whipping her rock? Definitely not her first rodeo. Poor guy probably suffers domestic abuse, if anything he’s the victim


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