Fighting with Bae

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Waiting until "time is right" to marry is something cadaan and reer curry do.

I never knew anyone who waited that long. Either of you will eventually break.

I would have a baby within the first year of marriage due to my drive.
Then I wouldn't be able to finish school.


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Girl I wish.

I need to have a certain man in my mind before I sleep to sleep peacefully ever since I was like 8 years old.


thats worrying , you need therapy because subhan'allah i wish that was me but with my lord instead of some next guy.


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So a mutual friend who's also a friend of mine and a friend of bae told me about bae's past and it made me livid.

The man is a virgin alhamdullilah, that's one of the few criteria I cannot compromise on.

Whenever we'd reach a baggage topic in the past, I'd tell him to stop and he'd respectfully stop speaking about it.

Recently however the mutual friend alerted me of his past, and the further I digged it up the more livid I became and the more I learned that all our mutual friends knew about this occurrence.

Anyways, I fought with him this morning about it and I'm really not sure what to do.

Currently I'm 19 and I only stayed in this relationship because I developed feelings for him and I entered it because I was bored and I like flirting with men.

I just don't want to get married until I'm 24ish and I'd be waiting for him for a long time and it's long distance so I don't want to reject all the men In front of me for a man I may or may not ever marry (He refuses to come to me for an unknown amount of time but he might marry a girl in that meantime even though he says he won't).

What do you guys think?
Don't delay marriage if you love him get a nikah even though its still not a big wedding stay committed and inshAllah youse will both succeed in your marriage


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"i like flirting men" :guccishock: how can you want him when u want every man to get in ur dirac?

and why is virgin man a big deal to u? like he wud tell u if hes not virgin.

My only advice wud be: STOP trying to control men. you are a kid ffs stop bothering yoself with "marriage".

other than that. you could try sleepin around, it might give u experience on dating and relationship cuz honestly you sound u have no clue
Very bad advice you baqti
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