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Sug dee ninyahow
Abayo I have a MA degree, it is very arduous. I'm 5'7, 120 pounds regularly (underweight for my height) I wittled down to 107 pounds during grad school. I couldn't sleep (had to take pills), I forget to eat when I'm stressed (a form of disordered eating) so I was jittery all the time and my hair started falling out in clumps. Alhumdillah I graduated on time, but a lot of my cohort didn't. Some even had to withdraw cause they plagiarized their thesis!

I say all this to say, I know I couldn't have done my MA with a husband or child. Only one person was married and every one broke up or was dumped by their S/O during it.

Wait to get married. I'm thankful I didn't marry the man I almost gave up Grad school for. If it's real he'll be there when you're done if not oh well not your calaf!
This is benefi
You hoped on my gus. :camby:
Im into chicks u khanis about ' you hoped on my gus'
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