Famous Sheikh and Singer Fartun Balbalaarka go back to back on each other slandering and degrading each other online over a leaked Nudes!


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:dead::deadmanny:This is had me on the floor laughing, La Xawla,Walahi this is pure comedy gold:chrisfreshhah::drakelaugh:

Apprently, One time wonder B@ntu Singer Fartuun Balbalaarka was divorced by her husband after someone showed him pictures and videos of her turning up with other ethnic Somali men.

Long story short, the husband gets drunk and comes online giving her three Talaqs, however Fartuun Balbalaarka claims he was just drunk and she is not divorced.

Well, now this Sheikh by her Mogdishu neighborhood claims that he has also received the explicit pictures of Balbalaarka at Liido beach with her side nigga, why is this Sheikh is even talkin about Balbalaarka's nudes in the Mosques on a Friday Jumaca?:mindblown::faysalwtf: