1. Manafesto

    TRENDING NEWS Famous Sheikh and Singer Fartun Balbalaarka go back to back on each other slandering and degrading each other online over a leaked Nudes!

    :dead::deadmanny:This is had me on the floor laughing, La Xawla,Walahi this is pure comedy gold:chrisfreshhah::drakelaugh: Apprently, One time wonder B@ntu Singer Fartuun Balbalaarka was divorced by her husband after someone showed him pictures and videos of her turning up with other ethnic...
  2. Bilal410

    11 PEOPLE KILLED IN BAIDOA BY ETHIOPIANS AND THEIR SOMALI SLAVES during protets Somalis must rise up in the name of democracy and Somalinimo. There will not be a new Afweyne in Somalia.
  3. Jungle79

    Netanyahu's meeting wish HSM was on the phone, Israeli Newspaper confirmed.

    Netanyahu's meeting with Hassan Sheik Mahamoud was over the phone. A major Israeli newspaper confirmed... He also had a great time with the lions of Judah...