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  1. Reformed J

    Retweet of a sexist joke by Washington Post reporter sent rabid feminist colleague into a tirade, ultimately costing her own job

    Began last Friday when a WaPo reporter retweeted this juvenile sexist joke (was he drunk?) For which he apologized, but it's too late as he's been (justly) suspend for a month without pay Laakiin his feminist co-worker didn't want to let him get off
  2. Manafesto

    TRENDING NEWS Famous Sheikh and Singer Fartun Balbalaarka go back to back on each other slandering and degrading each other online over a leaked Nudes!

    :dead::deadmanny:This is had me on the floor laughing, La Xawla,Walahi this is pure comedy gold:chrisfreshhah::drakelaugh: Apprently, One time wonder B@ntu Singer Fartuun Balbalaarka was divorced by her husband after someone showed him pictures and videos of her turning up with other ethnic...
  3. D

    The Public's Guide to Islamic Scholars and Scholarship

    With the name and praises of Allah, the All-Knower, the All-Wise Summary of Main Points The dynamics between Islamic scholars (ulama, s. alim) and the general Muslim public have changed recently in both positive and negative ways. In terms of the latter, it has become increasingly difficult to...
  4. L

    why facebook is the best app

    all my female friends found their spouses on there, the humor is top tier, the arguments are actually funny
  5. Molotoff

    The Somali Social Media Scene

    What are your thoughts about it? Who do you follow? There are a lot of Snapchat Somalis that I follow, first and foremost Life of Hanna. The weddings look so extravagant, these people are really living life to the fullest, corona or no corona.
  6. Odkac WRLD

    Who are some of your favorite Somali diaspora social media personalities?

    When I say this I mean your favorite Somali on YouTube, snap, insta, Twitter or whatever. for YT I think : AwalePop is ok content but extreme cringe NadBash: the sheer amount of Arabs he hangs around with, and the number of Somalis in London, makes me feel like he’s a megacoon lol...


    What do i do in hospital so i can keep busy I'm in a few toxic group chats that i dont want to use whilst in here. So no social media how do i keep myself busy?
  8. Exodus

    Social media is vile

    In the past 24 hours I've seen multiple twitter threads like this ; - The audacity of this guy to post a crying emoji and ask for the video :farmajoyaab: A video of a man about to die and his screaming wife generates so much interest that everyone asks to be sent it. This isn't the first...
  9. L

    Instagram vs. Reality