social media

  1. Molotoff

    The Somali Social Media Scene

    What are your thoughts about it? Who do you follow? There are a lot of Snapchat Somalis that I follow, first and foremost Life of Hanna. The weddings look so extravagant, these people are really living life to the fullest, corona or no corona.
  2. O

    Who are some of your favorite Somali diaspora social media personalities?

    When I say this I mean your favorite Somali on YouTube, snap, insta, Twitter or whatever. for YT I think : AwalePop is ok content but extreme cringe NadBash: the sheer amount of Arabs he hangs around with, and the number of Somalis in London, makes me feel like he’s a megacoon lol...
  3. Desert Flower

    Somali Social Media Influencers?

    Make good money, get sponsorships and travel the world. Who needs a 9 to 5 when you can make money posting on IG? Would you be an IG influencer? It seems lucrative and being a black hijabi, there’s definitely a market for us. I’ve been thinking about doing it part time ngl. Aside from...


    What do i do in hospital so i can keep busy I'm in a few toxic group chats that i dont want to use whilst in here. So no social media how do i keep myself busy?
  5. Exodus

    Social media is vile

    In the past 24 hours I've seen multiple twitter threads like this ; - The audacity of this guy to post a crying emoji and ask for the video :farmajoyaab: A video of a man about to die and his screaming wife generates so much interest that everyone asks to be sent it. This isn't the first...
  6. L

    Instagram vs. Reality