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Failmajo and his clowns might be behind the clashes in Dalsan


Nothing wrong with healthy criticism but we shouldn't let anything effect us that distorts reality. Two somali clans, neighbors and probably in laws killing each other never serves the interest of the nation. Let us pray these two brothers put down the gun and call for dialogue instead :)
Nope, but my Isimo did meet with PM though

That is ugaas hassan ugaas yasin with the white scarf, he is dashishe from bosaso he is sakariye isticmaar isim. The guy right of kheyre is a 'siyasi ali saleban' called Yasin Farah cartan not isimo. The other one is Jamal he is Dubays warsangeli from Dhahar. You don't even know your own Isimo and your supposebly Ali Salebaan

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