Faaraxs who lift


how do i use this
If I'm not too tired out from the weeks work, I have about 3 sessions per week. It's all powerlifting for me, I'm not into cutting, I'm not after a six pack to show the girls. I want to eat what i want, when i want, and to be able to lift as much weight as i can.

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I've got a calol under that shirt though lol.

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I use to my skinny as fuuuuuuuck, but since i started training for like 6 month now, i started gaining some weight.

I would upload a pic but it says the file is to big
The biggest thing for me is consistency. After i quit boxing i went up 15 pounds of muscle in 2 years. Its doable if u just follow a decent push, pull and legs program.

I also cleaned up my diet, i never really had bad eating habits, but i eat less meat now. My brothers:rejoice: keep grinding in the gym and result will come! If u skinny start lifting! Best way to put on weight for you with jihad metabolism :salute: