Emotionally Broken Coldoon Criticised Farmaajo

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31/12/16 - 04/04/20
I won't be surprised if a high ranking officer did it behind the back of the president/PM. The head of NISA is a former failed minister and an errand boy of HSM.

Farmaajo stay strong and keep your eye on the prize.
Ahlul hiraab won't fall for this :bell:Habar gidir iyo abgaal waa walaalo :bell:
I have still great hope in Farmaajo. But Coldoon is right and Farmaajo deserve a backlash if whats reported is true. Right now Somalia is not in very strong position and cannot openly challenge Ethiopia when there is plenty of internal enemies.
So Somalia is in the position to reject Saudi but not Ethiopia? :pachah1:you've completely lost it saxiib :mjlol:
Not a word about the massacres in lower shabelle or jilib by foreign mercenaries, in fact ministers are being told they can't speak to the media about it (specific to the HG ones) including parliament members.

Many didn't listen and broke rank, speaking out at the great massacre perpetuated by black water lead by warlord Qeybdiid, his idiotic policies is now giving credence to a man like Qeybdiid that was already discredited in the community whom jumped at this opportunity.

Rule 101 for any leader that is elected is to not marginalise his largest voting block, for Farmaajo these came from Galmudug/South-west and the disputed regions, he picked up the least votes from the Puntland MP's followed by Somaliland then Jubaland

So what does he do when he gets into office ? goes into full appeasement mode, gives the top 3 ministerial positions to useless man from Puntland that don't even have the power to look Abdi Weli Gaas in the eye much less tell him what to do..

I have previously made a lengthy post what the end goal here is, we can't even blame sixir because he hasn't visited Garowe yet, but he was in on the clandestine plan from the very beginning and what you are seeing now is the full exposure to the public.
Garowe is the heart of Jewish mysticism, its Baphomet's capital. Theres more goats than people in garowe.



Yuusuf direed Founding Father of Ahlu-naar
I reported your post. It's time SSPOT took a firm stance against people calling for genocide.

Same reported you for hypocrisy, you call me moryaan and murderer, then cry foul when i hit you harder!?!?!?

Go cry me a river you snake:camby:

as for the attack i said ''Treacherous'', are you treacherous???
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I am well raised upright individual who knows the xalaal from xaraam and vice versa, such as xaraam being betting and xalaal in attacking treacherous mjs.

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More law, less justice.
These moryaan danyeers have no idea how to conduct themselves in fadhi ku dirir, there rules and honor in this game but you cant even abide by basic rules. I am very shocked to be told this moryaan @Gbyallmeans want to kill me. I am so shook Im going to salat now but they will want that too and mock me for it then make takfir on me. :jaynerd:
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